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Novelty Cakes

Caitriona has been making fantastic novelty cakes for family and friends since the late 1980's  when Rory wanted a Simpson's cake but novelty cakes were not a 'thing' back then so Caitriona stepped in and made one. This was followed by a football pitch (Italia 90) for Cormac (sorry about the poor quality no digital cameras back then). From there it became a ritual that birthdays and special occasions were marked by one of her creations. Sadly many of the cakes were not documented including a fantastic tractor based on Bunny's beautifully restored Field Marshall, a wonderful piano cake and an armadillo which she made following her drama group production of Steel Magnolias. The aim of this blog is to record the many, many occasions which have been enhanced by Caitriona's marvellous novelty cakes.

Missing Cakes

Sadly we do not have pictures of all the cakes. If anybody has any pictures of the brilliant Field Marshall tractor made for Bunny's 70th birthday or any other cakes we don't have here  we would love to get them.

Butter Icing

A lot of these cakes were done before the days of the magic roll-out icing and before you could print any image you want to edible paper which make cake decorating very easy. Most of these were done with butter icing (much nicer to eat but really hard to colour and work with) and whatever ingenious ideas Caitriona and her growing army of helpers could come up with.


The basic cake recipe is Grandma's old-fashioned Queen Cake recipe (always known as buns in our house)

8 oz butter

8oz sugar

8 oz flour

4 eggs

This makes 24 buns or one small cake. For larger cakes you can double or treble this recipe and once cooked the cake can be cut up and decorated to any shape you like.

The Team

These days when a cake is needed Caitriona assembles her band of helpers and work begins. Her main apprentices are daughters Maureen and Gráinne ably supplemented by nieces Aislinn and Niamh. Some of their best projects to date include a wonderful Van for Cormac's 30th birthday, a great Pint for Grandad's 85th birthday and a fantastic Mini for Rory's 21st birthday.